What To Pack for Havasupai Falls

Embarking on a hiking trip to the Havasupai waterfalls is an adventure. When you’re preparing it is important to plan for anything and make sure that you have everything you need. Remember that there are no hotels or conveniences like stores. Make sure you have food and water, all of the camping and hiking gear for the chosen trip style, and enough clothes to last.

Additional items to pack with you:

For Trekking/Hiking

The right hiking shoes and socks
A backpack (but not a daypack)
Hiking poles for stability
A hat to keep the sun off your face
A flashlight
Extra clothes
Keen’s or another type of waterproof hiking sandal/boot

Food/Eating Essentials

A canister or integrated backpacker stove system
Utensils (spatula, spoons)
Paper plates
Multi-use pot
Matches and lighter
Non perishables
Eggs and bread (pack securely so they don’t break/crack/crumble)
Protein and/or granola bars

Overnight Gear

Mosquito/bug repellent
Sleeping bag
Headlamp or flashlight
Extra batteries


The best time to hike the Grand Canyon is when the weather is warm, and sometimes it can run hot. Only bring what you need for the number of people in your group and distribute the material evenly. This way  one person doesn’t get stuck carrying the bulk. While mule and horse packs are available, don’t plan on depending on them to carry your material.