Havasupai Lodge and Post-hike relaxation

Traveling to Havasu Falls is quite an ordeal. It is called an unbelievable oasis escapade for a reason- It’s in the middle of nowhere. The simplified version of a trip to Havasu Falls involves a flight into Phoenix, Flagstaff, or Las Vegas; a 4-6 hour drive to the Hualapai trailhead; an 8-mile hike into the village, and then a 2-mile hike to the campgrounds. Given the remoteness of the area, travelers usually try to secure a hotel room both before and after their visit to the waterfalls.

The Supai Lodge (on-site)


The only lodge available on-site is the Supai Lodge which is divided into 24 rooms, each accommodating a maximum of 4 people. Getting a reservation for the lodge is notoriously impossible as it is almost always filled to capacity, but if you’re lucky enough to snatch one well in advance of your trip, the Supai Lodge is perfect for post-hike relaxation.

Grand Canyon Caverns Inn (off-site)


Another great option for lodging accommodations is the Grand Canyon Caverns Inn, located about an hour from Hualapai trailhead. If you had to fly in and then drive several hours, this lodge is a great place to rest before the hike ahead. Also, if you’ve only reserved a day pass and couldn’t make a reservation for the Supai Lodge, Caverns Inn is just as good going than coming.