Horseback directions:

To schedule a trip through the Grand Canyon on horseback, the office requires in-advance scheduling. Call the Lodge Office at: 1-928-448-2111 or 1-928-448-2201  Sometimes you can schedule as close as the day before, but as soon as you know what type of trip you prefer (one way or round trip) it is preferable to call the office and find out the best plan.

Round Trip – Hilltop to Camp & Back: $187.00

One Way – From or To Camp: $93.50

Havasu Fall Day Tour – from Lodge to Falls: $60.00

Round Trip – Hilltop to Lodge and back: $120.00

One Way – Hilltop to Lodge: $70.00

* Note: Fees may change without prior notice. They are non-negotiable and taxable by 10%.

Important things to remember:

  1. Bags must be tagged individually under the reservation name.
  2. Please utilize the colored camping tag to identify your baggage.
  3. From Hilltop: Find a coordinator as soon as you can to make sure the weight capacity of your bags are within regulations.
    You cannot bring your baggage without doing this first. If there is no one available by the time you want to depart, leave the bags with Night Security.
  4. If no one is available to help you we recommend that you wait with our belongings.
  5. From Camp: Place your belongings at the entrance of the Campgrounds for pick up. Make sure bags are tagged under reservation name.