Guided Tours of Havasupai and the Grand Canyon

The Havasupai Tourism Office provides guided and unguided tour opportunities, however these are limited to areas within the Havasupai Indian Reservation. Unguided tours available to guests staying at the lodge, campgrounds, or simply visiting with a day pass are restricted to the Hualapai and Lower Havasu Canyon. Outside of these areas, special permission must be provided as well as the escort of an experienced guide.

Guided Tours to Havasupai

For tours outside the Havasupai Reservation or into Havasupai waterfalls from other Grand Canyon locations, several private exploration and adventure tour companies are available. One of the Grand Canyon’s top-rated tour companies is The Wildland Trekking Company, who’ve been guiding tourists safely to Havasupai for decades.

Guided Grand Canyon Rafting Tours

Rafting the Grand Canyon is another option to look into while planning your trip to Havasu Falls. Tour guides providing day-long to week-long rafting trips are available through Western River Expeditions and other private tour guides.

Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours and Air Tours

When visiting Havasupai, many tourists misunderstand the service-restrictions of the tribe’s “helicopter service”. While the Havasupai provide helicopter rides to and from the Hilltop trail to their village, helicopters are mainly used for administrative operations and they are strictly a means of transportation. The tribe’s helicopter service is a ride, not a “tour”.

For scenic tours of the Grand Canyon’s most beautiful landscapes, Papillon and Grand Canyon Airlines are the main go-to helicopter tour agencies. These helicopter tours are more of what you are looking for if you want an air-tour of the Grand Canyon.