Grand Canyon Mysteries: The UFO Sighting

We can definitely see how the huge yawning orifice that is the Grand Canyon would provide the perfect setting for all manner of pseudoscientific phenomenons and otherworldly happenings. The site is simply a great place to hide- or sometimes… 4000 years ago, land.

While we certainly understand your need to take these with a grain of salt, UFO sightings and the Grand Canyon are stories that never cease to exist.

The Cloud UFOs, 1982

In 1982, a couple seeking an isolated stretch of rim from which to admire the views were escorted to a densely wooded area where they experienced more than breathtaking views.

The couple claims to have seen mysteriously-behaving clouds in the shape of two UFOs. The formations were apparently failing to blend in completely with the rest of the clouds because in addition to being cylindrical-shaped, they occupied the same space for a couple of hours, not disintegrating and seemingly unbothered by the wind.

Suddenly, the clouds collapsed into themselves and their structure was gone. The couple claims to have taken a picture of the clouds before they left.

The 4,000-Year-Old UFO

The bottom of the Grand Canyon is a mysterious and vastly unexplored region. It is also a ginormous crash-site and disposal area, its bottom apparently littered with the remains of ancient alien spacecraft.

After a park ranger found a huge carcass of unidentified metal wrecked along the floor of the canyon, an anonymous team of experts ushered in to examine the debris. Using carbon dating, they were able to approximate the landing to somewhere around 2000 B.C. which would mean the UFO is well over 4000 years old.

The conditions of the ancient spacecraft were such that its interior structure revealed the size of its occupants- seemingly creatures with a smaller skeletal frame than humans numbering up to 20 individuals.

Also found near the crash site are abandoned caves where the creatures are thought to have lived for decades after the initial crash, leaving evidence of their appearance sketched on the walls.

The remains of the UFO, along with other evidence have since been moved to a confidential location, awaiting further analysis.

Whether this report is true or not, you have to admit that a pre-Columbian occupation of the Americas by aliens is most definitely an interesting theory.