General Reservation Information

Whether camping and/or staying at the Supai lodge, reservations are required to plan your trip! Call 1-928-448-2180 for camping; lodging can be reserved by calling 1-928-448-2111.

Camping fees:
Entrance Fee: $35/person/visit (only tribal members with a valid ID are exempt)
Camp Ground Fee: $17/person/night
Environmental Care Fee: $5/person

Lodging: $145/room/night (each room fits up to 4 people)
Deposit: $40/room/night

To reach the lodge, you must first hike the 3/4 mile distance trail from Hilltop.

If cancelling the reservation is unavoidable, be sure to call before 2 weeks of your trip in order to receive a full refund. Once the two week mark is upon us, you will lose $15 from your refund for every night past. If cancelling within 24 hours of your trip, you are ineligible for any amount of the refund.

Make a note that all fees can change without written notice. Fees are taxable to 10% and are non-negotiable.