Directions to Havasupai Reservation

The hike into the village of Supai (and the campgrounds 2 miles beyond it) begins at Hualapai Hilltop. After flying into Phoenix, Flagstaff, or Las Vegas, travel 65 miles north of Route 66 until you reach Indian Road 18. Drive cautiously on Indian Road as cattle and wildlife are abundant; the road will end at the Hualapai trailhead after which you will hike 8 miles to reach Supai and another 2 to reach the campgrounds.

On certain maps, it is suggested that you take a road that leads directly from the South Rim area- The Grand Canyon National Park- DO NOT use this road to reach the hilltop, it is a primitive road that requires a specialized 4-wheel vehicle, lengthening your driving time.

So the simple steps are:
Optional: Flight into Phoenix, Flagstaff, or Las Vegas.
Take I40 to Route 66 to Indian Road 18.
Hike into Supai from following the Hualapai trail.
A parking area is at the beginning of the trailhead on Hualapai Hilltop and despite the night watchman, it is an unguarded area. No permanent services are available at the parking area such as gas, food, or lodging.

Do not leave valuables in your car and make sure that your gas is filled with gas for the ride back home.

Drive-Time Approximations to Hualapai Hilltop
From Flagstaff: 3-4 hour drive
From Phoenix: 5-6 hour drive
From Las Vegas: 3-4 hour drive
From Kingman: 2-3 hour drive
International Airports
PHX: Phoenix Skyharbor International Airport (Phoenix, Arizona)
(LAS): McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas, Nevada)