Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park

If you didn’t get enough erosive scenery at the Grand Canyon, the haunting beauty that is Bryce Canyon is within driving distance and brimming with adventure.

Over a million and a half tourists visit Bryce Canyon every year, attracted by its beautiful hoodoos and fragile stone spires. Located 150 miles (241 km) from the Grand Canyon’s North Rim and 300 miles (482 km) from the South Rim, it is easy to see why many of those visitors are making a double-adventure of their trip.

Bryce Canyon follows the edge of the Paunsaugunt Plateau, a region that was lifted millions of years ago by the Colorado Plateau. It is this elevation, coupled with heavy erosion, that has created hoodoos in Bryce Canyon unlike any around the world.

Bryce Canyon History

Like its hulk of a buddy, Bryce Canyon was sculpted and shaped over millions of years, creating a true geological masterpiece and natural wonder. While the Grand Canyon is magnificent in its size alone, Bryce Canyon is carved with such outstanding detail to make it equally impressive.

Water erosion is responsible for most of the sculpting, forming gorgeously carved cliffs, intricately etched rock columns, the unequalled hoodoos and spires, and even a natural amphitheater. The latter, created by hollow bowls eaten into the ground form horse-shoe cavities within the canyon, the largest (and most famous) being Bryce Amphitheater.

Things to Do at Bryce Canyon

While it is entirely acceptable to spend an evening gazing into the beauty of the amphitheater and admire the gorgeous landscape, you can’t come to Bryce Canyon without a plan- did you know that you can run a half marathon here?

From horseback riding to golfing, Bryce Canyon has much more to offer than the general hiking and sight-seeing- although these options will not disappoint you, either.

Hiking & Camping

Hikers come from all over the world to walk among the hoodoos at Bryce Canyon. Hikes in the park offer scenic walks along paved trails as well as scenic multi-day hikes filled with hoodoos and adventure.

Multi-day hikes involve the glorious bonus of outdoor camping. Protected by its National Park status, everything from the quality of the air to the clean beauty of the wilderness, make Bryce Canyon the perfect place to spend the night.

Two campgrounds are available to visitors at Bryce Canyon; the North Campground and the Sunset Campground, located within walking distance to the visitor center.


Bryce Canyon’s diverse geologic landscape was made for adventure. The rugged rock columns and deep, groovy cliffs are perfect for rock climbing and rappelling. Add in the gorgeous backdrop and you’ve got one of the most amazing places to go canyoneering in the country.


Bryce Canyon and the surrounding region offer the perfect setting for the most epic game of paintball you’ve ever played. C’mon, did you ever think paintball was even an option for a national park activity? We didn’t think so.

Everything Else

Helicopter tours, fishing lessons, buying cool souvenirs from the crowded gift shop and having an amazing dinner at one of the park’s many restaurants are among the other things you can enjoy at Bryce Canyon.

Make your whole southwest trip an adventure!